Early Career Biostatisticians (ECB)

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Early Career Biostatisticians


Terms of Reference

1. The subcommittee takes actions for making the annual conferences a stimulating place with good networking opportunities for all career-young biostatisticians (i.e. 10 years post BSc in Biostatistics or a related field).

2. The subcommittee addresses all issues related to or raised by all Early Career Biostatisticians as members of the Society.


1. Luke Ouma (UK)
2. Charlotte Bolch (US)
3. Autumn O’Donnell (IE)
4. Camila Olarte Parra (UK)
5. Bharati Kumar (UK)
6. Daniela Zoeller (DE)
7. Davide Paolo Bernasconi (IT)
8. Jimmy Moore (US)
9. Laure Wynants (NL)*
10. Myra McGuinness (AU)
11. Melissa Middleton (AU)
12. Nadine Binder (DE)

* President’s Representative

For more details, please contact us at this e-mail.