Membership Renewal

Membership Renewal

Members from past years can renew their membership for 2024 either by payment of fees or by registering to the ISCB45 Conference as non-members.

Important note: If you choose to renew by registration to the Conference, please select the appropriate non-member category. Membership renewal will be finalised after the Conference’s completion.

Membership renewal by payment of fees

To avoid miscommunications, the ISCB Office has sent all contacts with a membership reference number an invitation to renew, inclusive of a personalised autologin token applicable for year 2024 only. If you have not received this invitation to renew, kindly contact the ISCB Office at, to update your contact details.

The link will take you to your personalised membership account. Please check your contacts for any information that needs to be updated. Then proceed with checking the appropriate membership category and accept terms & conditions.
Go to payments and select the appropriate payment method.
Eligible payment methods are:
– Credit/Debit card (Maestro / Master Card / Visa accepted)
– Bank transfer to the ISCB account
Both options will appear, but ISCB account details will be sent to you as part of the confirmation message for submission of your application.

Payment by credit/debit card is performed real-time through a secured payments system; thus, your credit/debit card information cannot be accessed or used for any other purpose.

Upon submission of the form and completion of the payment, you will automatically receive your membership renewal confirmation, along with the respective receipt and proof of credit card transaction, by email.

Payment by bank transfer needs to be confirmed through the ISCB account. Upon submission of the form, you will automatically receive a message of acknowledgement and be prompted to proceed with the bank account payment, by email.

Important note: Your bank transfer needs to be verified with the ISCB accounts, which may take up to 5 working days for confirmation. The process can be facilitated, if you send to a copy of the bank transfer, for cross-referencing purposes. Kindly note that bank transfer expenses burden the payer. As soon as the bank transfer is confirmed, you will receive an official confirmation of your membership renewal.

Access to Members’ Area content: Your access to the Members’ Area content is provided by credentials shared with you upon renewal of your membership by confirmation email.  


Note: If you are a National Group member, please renew your membership via your National Group Representative.

Membership renewal by registration to the ISCB45 Conference

By registering as a non-member for the ISCB45 Conference (Thessaloniki Greece 2024), you are provisionally considered a renewed member of the ISCB, pending attendance. If you do not wish to be considered an ISCB member, kindly alert the ISCB Office at

If you register for the ISCB45 conference, your membership fees will be included in your conference registration fee. In particular, you do not need to pay your membership fees via the ISCB Office. This should suit those who wish to put these expenses on a grant or institutional support. Please note that the fee for joining ISCB in this way is more expensive than joining directly.