Special Issue ISCB43: Biometrical Journal

ISCB 2022 conference, Newcastle, UK

Biometrical Journal will publish a Special Issue at the occasion of the 43rd Annual Conference of the International Society for Clinical Biostatistics (ISCB) that has been held in Newcastle (UK) under the conference theme

Key Contributions of Clinical Biostatistics to Medical Data Science

This Special Issue aims to publish on a fast track high quality papers on cutting edge biostatistical methods for clinical research presented (orally or as posters) at ISCB 2022. Although papers on any topic covered by the conference may be submitted to the Special Issue, papers in any of the following areas are particularly encouraged:
• Efficient clinical trial designs
• AI/Machine learning methods for health
• Bayesian nonparametric methods
• (Semi-)competing risks and causal inference
• Ageing
• Communicating statistical methods
• Simulation studies

Papers may be submitted also if they have not been presented at ISCB 2022 if the authors feel strongly that they fit to one of the themes above.

The deadline for fully developed papers is November 30, 2022. This deadline will be sharp. We expect that all papers will have been first reviewed early 2023 and that the Special Issue will be complete by Summer 2023.

All papers have to be submitted via the online submission system of Biometrical Journal https://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/biomj/.

To submit to the Special Issue, at login to MC (manuscript central), indicate at Step 1 that the submission is to a Special Issue, and at Step 4 of the submission process enter “ISCB 2022” in the Special Issue Information field.

Thomas Jaki, PhD

Professor of Computational Statistics
University of Regensburg
93053 Regensburg

Professor of Statistics and MRC Investigator
MRC Biostatistics Unit
University of Cambridge
Cambridge CB2 0SR
United Kingdom


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