ISCB ExCom Elections – Nominations open 4 July and close 15 September 2022

Dear ISCB Members,

As advertised in the December 2021 ISCB newsletter, there will be elections in 2022 to form the Executive Committee (ExCom) of the ISCB for 2023-2024. Nominations are sought for:
• Vice-President,
• Secretary,
• Treasurer and
• 8 ordinary members

The ISCB needs engaged volunteers who will invest their energy and time to help the Society perform its constitutional responsibilities and develop with the times. ExCom Ordinary members are expected to attend ExCom meetings every three months (virtual meetings) and the ExCom meeting held during the conference. ISCB Officers additionally have virtual meetings on a monthly basis.

If you are planning on being nominated or on nominating an ISCB member for the ExCom, please note the following criteria
1. Each nomination requires three people: A Proposer, a Seconder and a Nominee
2. All three parties must have been ISCB members in 2021 and be a current 2022 member
3. Additionally, nominees for Officer positions must have been a member in 2020

To initiate the nomination process, the Proposer must send by email the names and email addresses of the Proposer, Seconder and Nominee to We will then send the links to the online forms that need to be completed by all three parties. Before beginning the process, the Proposer must make sure that the Seconder and Nominee have been informed and agree with the nomination. The Proposer may nominate an ISCB member for a single position (Ordinary member or one of the Officer positions) or two positions (ordinary member and one of the Officer positions).

The deadline for Nominations is 15 September 2022.

Kind regards,

The ISCB Office


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